How to setup a range extender

WiFi is important but better signal and high speed internet is also very important. So, today we will learn how you can setup Range extender and improve your WiFi signal.

There are few methods you can try to setup your Range extender.

  1. WPS Push button method – You need to hold the WPS button on your Range extender for three seconds, and then release the button when you see a WPS light blinking then press the WPS button your WiFi router. Now it will take 1 or 2 minutes to make the connection successful. Once the WPS light stops blinking your Range extender setup is done.
  2. Manual configuration using an Ethernet cable – You need to connect an Ethernet cable between your computer and Range extender. Once you have the connection open your browser and type if you have a Netgear extender, for TP-LINK extender, for Linksys extender and for Belkin extender use Belkin.range. Now you will see the setup page for your range extender so follow the steps found on your screen to finish the setup.
  3. Using your Android smartphone, iPhone or iPad – You can connect your range extender on your phone or iPad by using WiFi connection to setup your range extender. Once you are connected to your Range Extender open the address for your range extender to see the setup Page.

Note:- Never unplug your range extender when it is setting up or upgrading firmware. Once your Range extender is setup the SSID will be same as your WiFi router and the Password will be same too.

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