Netgear Range Extenders setup

As you log into the admin page of the Netgear Range Extender of any make and model, you will be able to notice the legacy that Netgear has been leaving behind ever since its inception in the year 1996. The specific reason why I spoke about is that just by logging in, you would be able to notice the efficiency and the ease of setup process that Netgear has created. This has been so effortlessly done by Netgear as it is both experienced in providing both the customer, satisfaction, since a long time now, decades, to be exact and due to the fact that Netgear aims to provide the solutions in the most beautiful way possible with their artistic approach. It can be seen in the many devices made by Netgear. The triangular designed mesh, pointy design, and the powerful looking devices are all testament to that approach.

Along with being extremely beautiful, these devices have power beyond belief. The range extenders which can be configured easily using the admin page have been known time and again to be the best in class. It provides high-speed, reliable, long-range network connection, extending range and diminishing any and all dead zones that previously existed in your house. A simple access to the admin page using the mywifiext password will show you the extent of control that you have over your devices and as mentioned before, it’s powered by a number of exciting features.

Easy Setup

Netgear Range extension devices are especially easy to set up and employ quickly under your command. You can set up these devices in less than 5 minutes and they will be good to go as soon as they are installed. You can use multiple ways to install these devices including logging in to admin page or by simply using the installation assistant. This can be done both by using a wired or a wireless connection. Hence it has been widely customized to make the user experience as better as possible.

Dual band

The dual-band range extenders have specifically been successful in the market today. Sharing the bandwidth on the channel of 2.4GHz and 5GHz allows the range extenders to have a wide range and reliable connectivity. While the 2.4 GHz allows the extender to connect to devices several feet away, the 5GHz channel allows the device to enjoy a fast data transfer speed. You can tweak these settings by accessing the admin page.

Intelligent and beautiful design

Netgear devices are designed intricately and they look extremely functional and powerful. The triangle infused design and interesting button placement give it a unique look. Adding to it a white overlook and it becomes the most beautiful looking range extension device ever to be made. All the Netgear devices somehow share the similar outlook giving them an iconic look singular to only the Netgear devices.

Network analytics

The Wi-Fi analytics app will also allow the Netgear devices to be checked thoroughly to make sure that all of them are working efficiently and are up to the task they were imparted. Simply download the network analytics app from Play store for Android and check the functionality and the range of all your wireless devices and SSIDs. This is another great service offered by the Netgear Corporation.

Setup process:

Setting up a Netgear device has a similar process for all its Range Extender. The process is fairly easy and can be done in a number of ways. You can choose to continue this process using the Wireless medium; however, it is recommended that you continue to do so using a wired connection. The setup process can be continued via a couple of methods; either by using a WPS to connect the devices or by using the admin page to connect the device to the Wi-Fi router. Since using the page to connect the device will let you check and thoroughly set up every inner working of the device better. Before that, we will first start with powering on the device.

  • To do that, Place your range extender close to your Wi-Fi router first for the setup process.
  • Plug your Range extender into a power source to power it on.
  • Wait for your range extender to show you a solid green LED light.
  • If the Power LED doesn’t light up, Press down On/Off button on the device.

For the initial setup, follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Use a PC or Laptop to find the wireless SSID of the device or connect to the device using an Ethernet cable.
  • Once you see the network connection to your PC or Laptop successfully, open a web browser.
  • We would now be required to go to admin page to launch the installation assistant.
  • Continue with New Extender Setup process and head over to the Create a new account option.
  • Fill up the form with the correct credentials you want to set and click next.
  • You would next be needed to find the Wi-Fi range extender button which will allow you to search for the Wi-Fi networks that you would need to extend.
  • Select the appropriate network and click next. You can choose to extend both the 2.4GHz and 5GHznetworks.
  • Enter the appropriate password for both these channels.
  • Next, you would be asked to set up the SSIDs for both these channels that your Range Extender will broadcast. Set these up again with appropriate Passkeys.
  • You can then check to see if your computer is able to connect successfully to the Range extender or not. If not, you can log in to the admin page and restart the process again.
  • Complete the installation process by registering the device to the Netgear account or create new if required.
  • Next, unplug your Range extender and place have it installed in the right location which is about halfway point away from the Wi-Fi router and the device you need to connect to it.
  • Connect the devices with it and you are good to go.

Thus, with these simple steps, you can install your Netgear range extenders and follow on to have the devices connected to it whenever and wherever you want.

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