How to connect Belkin extender to router?

Our routers can’t cover the entire home network. They provide wireless signals only to a limited area. Also, sometimes, the router’s signal is weakened by various obstructions such as thick walls, metal object, or other high-radiating devices. Therefore, you face connection issue at your place when you roam around. To resolve such issue, you can bring home Belkin Wi-Fi range extender and connect it to your existing router in order to improve the range and strength of wireless network. You can learn about how to connect Belkin extender to router through this blog. You don’t need to worry if your Belkin wifi extender not connecting to your wireless router as you can resolve them easily.

How to connect Belkin extender to router?

Your wireless router can connect to Belkin range extender through WPS method or via a web browser method. We are going to provide the steps for both the methods to complete the Belkin extender setup.

WPS method

WPS method or Wi-Fi protected method is the simplest method to complete the Belkin extender setup. If you are not very expert with the configuration, you can use this method. Every Belkin extender comes with this features. Make sure your router has a WPS method.

  1. To get started, press the WPS method on your Belkin wifi range extender.
  2. Release the WPS button when the LED of the Belkin extender starts flashing.
  3. Wait for two minutes and then press the WPS method on your wireless router.
  4. Finally, use your computer to complete the configuration process.

If your Belkin wifi extender not connecting to your router using the WPS method, you can try completing the setup process using a web browser method using http://belkin.range web address.

Setup Wizard

To initiate the Belkin extender setup process via setup wizard, you must have a PC, laptop, or Wi-Fi enabled device.

  1. First of all, plug your Belkin extender into a power outlet.
  2. From your computer, detect and connect to belkin.range wireless network.
  3. Now, open a web browser and enter the default web address http://belkin.range to open the Belkin extender login
  4. Click on the ‘Get Started’ option.
  5. Here, you need to select your home wireless network to extend. Enter the password of your network to connect to it.
  6. If your network is not visible, click ‘Refresh’ to find it.
  7. If you have dual-band network, click on the second network to extend. Click ‘Next’
  8. Finally, you can configure the wireless settings of the Belkin extender if you want.
  9. Click ‘Finish’, Once the setup is done.


We hope now you know how to connect Belkin extender to router. You can use these simple steps to connect to Belkin range extender. If you are looking for any more details, you can contact our technical experts for help and they will help you with it.

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