Belkin range extender setup

Powerful and yet cost-effective devices like the Belkin Range Extender N300 and Belkin Range Extender N600 have been dominating the market for a while now, still, people have been trying to know more and more about the Range Belkin setup page, even though the process is fairly simple. Since it is easy, it is important to let the users of Belkin Range Extenders know about it.

The concept of range extenders was introduced rather late if we compare it to since how long the wireless technology has been existing in our world today. Apple in the early 2000s created the device technology called Wireless connectivity in its new Mackintosh. The searches on the internet quickly changed and went from finding the best router that can provide the fastest Wi-Fi in the house to looking for the perfect range extension model, your home needs. While a lot of companies which were solely introduced to create user-friendly and technologically advanced Wi-Fi devices, Belkin Wi-Fi routers, and the Belkin Range Extenders, have been performing really well out of all of them.

The Belkin range extenders like the Belkin n300 Range Extenders and the Belkin AC1200 range extender, time and again have proven the metal Belkin. These devices were devised a lot of intricate technology which has been the core driving force in all the Belkin Range extenders. These range extenders have a lot of loyal customers which time and again come to Belkin for all their needs of a reliable and extremely fast Range Extenders and are often search and research a lot about them on the internet from simple queries like, ‘Belkin.range not working’ to knowing how to resolve a little complicated issue like ‘belkin range extender wps setup process’. Even still, Belkin range extender setup process is fairly simple and requires minimal amount of effort; people, however, still do regularly ask to know how it works. Maybe that is because it is that simple and people believe that they can do it themselves. To prove the point the steps are as easy as the steps of plugging and playing which you can find here later. They are also powered with a number of great features which makes them a must to have device! These include:

  • Easy Setup: The setup process to install these devices is fairly simple. Using a wired or a wireless connection, you can install these devices by accessing the web-based setup page of the Range extender which doesn’t take a long time.

  • Dual band feature: The available dual-bands in the router are synonymous with long range and reliable connectivity. This happens due to the long range connection abilities of the 2.4GHz channel and the fast data transfer speed of the 5GHz channel.

  • Faster wireless standard: The 802.11ac wireless standard, one of the fastest in the market today powers these devices. This wireless standard is responsible for the Giga-level data transfer speeds and is effective in providing relief from laggy or dropping connections.

  • Compact and sleek design: The Belkin Range Extenders are designed, keeping in mind the modern approach look that’s flooded the market. They are compact, sleek and have fairly eye-catching look. They can offer more than just faster speeds; they can increase the overall look of your apartment or house.

Before the setup process begins, you would need a couple of things. These include the SSIDs and the password of your Wi-Fi router for both the band channel which you want to advertise. Next you need to make the required connections to provide power to the device; once that is done, switch on the device. You can setup the device using a wired or a wireless connection.

Setup using a Wireless connection:

Step 1: Once the device is powered on, find the SSID and the password of this device. It will be available in the form of a label that’s provided on the side or behind the Range Extension device.

Step 2: Using a wirelessly capable device, search for the ‘Belkin.range’ network and connect to it by using the SSID and password you found.

Step 3: Once you are connected to the device wirelessly, open any web browser and go to the link https://belkin.range.

Step 4: Reaching the site and getting access to it, you can now tweak the settings according to your needs and requirements. This includes setting up the device password, SSID name and passkey, security type and along with that, the multiple channel select and band select process.

Setup using a Wired Connection:

Step 1: Connect the Range Extender to the PC or Laptop using the Ethernet cable.

Step 2: Switch on the Range Extender by plugging into the power socket.

Step 3: Turn off the Wi-Fi on your PC or Laptop.

Step 4: Open your Web browser and go to http://belkin.range and follow the instructions to setup the Wi-Fi connection.

Step 5: Once you have successfully setup the extender, Turn on your Wi-Fi.

With the above steps, your Belkin Range Extender setup is complete and is ready to be used. You can now enjoy the joy of accessing internet from long range and the existing dead zones in your house will cease to exist short after.

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