Range Extender Setup

If you face lag during the most crucial moment of your online gaming experience; For you, how serious it is to eliminate any sort of dead zones existing in your internet coverage across your house? The frequent video call drops, lag, intermittent and weak connection and/or total internet signal loss, are all signs, of your house’s wifi connection, riddled with multiple dead zones. The power that is the internet needs to be strengthened and re-energized to make it the force it was meant to be; a portal via which we can reach out to the world while sitting in the comfort of our home.

The solution to that came with the Wireless range extenders; while the technology sounds like the perfect solution to our problems, let’s look at what a Wifi Range Extender is and what are the ways by which we can install it to make the maximum out of it.

What are Wifi Range Extenders or wireless signal boosters?

To put it quite simply, Range Extenders are nothing but a signal repeaters. These devices are specifically created to repeat the signals of a wifi router and thus can negate all the dead zones present in the house. This signal repeater, however, is a little tough to place perfectly at a spot where it can both repeat the signal and at the same time reach the places of your home which you think are void of all internet connectivity.

To help you with that, here is a little cheat sheet for you to take help from in order to make the most out of the wireless repeater.

  • Check the surrounding: 
    Installing one in a multi-storied house would again require a little more insight. Taking into account all the wood, cement, steel that goes into constructing walls, you need to realize that a lot of your wifi signal would be absorbed between the floors. Thus have the Range Extender placed at a location a little closer to where they should be ideally. The best possible way out of it is to have the Cheat sheet for placing your WicommFi Range extenders at the best possible spot.
  • Play smart: 
    If you find a spot that perfectly extends your wireless router’s internet but lacks AC outlets. Play smart; bring out an AC extension and place it where you think the Range Extender does its job perfectly. Be wary, however, to have it installed at an elevated position. If your extender has removable antennas, replace them with ones having a higher gain or amplified power; that does boost their sensitivity.
    You can also work with a Wifi reflector or make one yourself using aluminium foil and direct it towards where you need it to be.



  • Placement of Extender:
    Placement of a wireless range extender is one of the most crucial factors. Wrong placement of range extender will not let you enjoy reliable and secure wireless network. Therefore, you must pay attention while placing your range extender. The ideal location to place your extender is midway between your wireless router and the area with low wifi signals. The central location allows you to enjoy throughout coverage without any interruptions and buffering.


  • Look for obstruction: 
    A lot of objects are responsible for causing disruption to your wifi signal making it weaker than it should be. These objects can either reflect your otherwise perfect signal like mirrors, or large pieces of metals or absorb your signal like walls, masonry work etc. Hence try making sure that your Range Extender isn’t directly in contact with or close to these objects. Also, its worst enemies which absolutely disrupt wifi signals include Cordless phones, Refrigerators, Ovens and even Baby monitors due to the radio-frequencies which interfere with the wifi signal.
  • Bring technology on your side: 
    Your endeavour to find the perfect place to install the range extender can be helped by the multiple applications which can help you mark the place with the strongest and the weakest wifi signal which might require the help of a Wifi Range Extender. Choosing the area that needs the maximum help out of all the other areas of the house will eliminate the highest chance of facing a connection drop.

Apart from all the above, you can simply choose a range extender that exists to overcome all the above-mentioned problems.

Wireless Range Extension devices

WiFi Range extenders bring an even powerful way to eliminate the said dead zones from the house with its cutting-edge technology and sleek yet impactful design. The highly recommended and reviewed Range extension products are Amped Wireless High Power Wireless-N 600mW Smart Repeater and Range Extender (SR10000), TP-Link Archer AC1900 Belkin N600 Dual-Band, NETGEAR AC750 and Linksys AC1200.

But among all these wireless range extenders the best choice is WicommFi Wireless Range Extender, this range extender comes with a high transmission speed of 750 Mbps and dual-band extender (2.4GHz and 5.8 GHz) ensure that you receive the highest speed during all your needs of gaming or video streaming throughout the vicinity of your large house. The easy installation and its ability to work extensively well with all available routers present in the inventory, make it an indispensable tool to own in your networking arsenal.

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