How to connect Belkin extender to router?

Our routers can’t cover the entire home network. They provide wireless signals only to a limited area. Also, sometimes, the router’s signal is weakened by various obstructions such as thick walls, metal object, or other high-radiating devices. Therefore, you face connection issue at your place when you roam around. To resolve such issue, you can“How to connect Belkin extender to router?”

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Belkin Range Extender Setup

You can setup Belkin n300 range Extender Wirelessly without any Setup CD, or using any cables & wires. Before starting the Belkin range setup make handy below-given device and details.    A Belkin Wifi Range Extender    Current wifi router & network’s SSID and wireless password.    A device which has wifi capability.    When you install Belkin“Belkin Range Extender Setup”

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