Belkin Range Extender Setup

Setup Belkin n300 range Extender Wirelessly

You can setup Belkin n300 range Extender Wirelessly without any Setup CD, or using any cables & wires. Before starting the Belkin range setup make handy below-given device and details.

  •    A Belkin Wifi Range Extender

  •    Current wifi router & network’s SSID and wireless password.

  •    A device which has wifi capability.

Key Benefits of Belkin range extender setup

  •    When you install Belkin n300 range extender, you get the freedom from remain to one room or one device.

  •    There is no rocket science with the Belkin range extender setup. Belkin range extender has Belkin Easy Installation Wizards, take fewer efforts and time while setup Belkin n300 range extender.

  •    Belkin range setup offers easy extension like you can expand the network to a range of networking products.

  •    When you setup belkin extender, you get the flexibility to setup or access your device. You can access or setup them from everyplace within extender network range.  

  •    You get the freedom of fitting Ethernet cabling at your place. As, there is no need of cabling anymore, with Belkin range extender setup.

Belkin Range Extender Reset

There are times when you need to reset your belkin n600 range extender. The main reason is to bring back your extender to its factory default settings. By this, range extender every issue gets resolved and user needs to reconfigure their device. There are two methods for Belkin Range Extender Reset. Firstly, you can use the physical reset button, located on the device. Or you can use a web browser if you get an issue with the physical reset button.

Steps for Belkin Range Extender Reset

  •    First, locate the Belkin range extender physical reset button.

  •    Once you found the button, press and hold the reset button for about 10 seconds. Here, you need to ensure your extender is powered On.

  •    Wait for the moment when Status Light on the range extender turns out to be solid.

For More information on Belkin Range Extender Reset, place a call on our toll-free number and get connected with our experts. Our experts are available on the toll-free number and live chat support window.

Belkin.setup Method

  •    You need to first plug in your range extender into a power passage. Remember, you plug extender into the range of your router wifi network.

  •    Next, locate & then connect to the Belkin.setup network, by making use of your Wi-Fi-capable device.

  •    Just before you jump to next step, wait for your device to connect to the Belkin.setup.

  •    Launch a web browser on your wifi capable device or a computer.

  •    Type the http://belkin.range for belkin range extender setup into the address bar of the browser.

  •    If http://belkin.range doesn’t work, don’t hesitate using the into browser address bar.

FAQs On Belkin Range Extender Setup

Q: - What arrangements do I require before Belkin range extender setup?

Ans: - Wi-Fi name (SSID) & Wi-Fi password. In case, of dual-band router SSID & Wi-Fi password for 2.4 GHz band only.

Q: - How do I access the Belkin n300 range extender user interface or web-based setup page?

  •    Ans: -  By opening a web browser on your device, computer or a wireless device.

  •    Use default web address http://belkin.range into browser address bar.

  •    Provide Belkin range extender default login credentials.

Q: - Name the security settings I get in setup belkin n300 range extender?

  •    Ans:-Wi-Fi Protected Setup™ (WPS)

  •    256-bit WPA™ / WPA2™ encryption

  •    64 / 128-bit WEP encryption.

Q: - What should I do if I get troubled during Belkin Range Extender Setup?

  •    Ans: - First, reset your Belkin range extender to its factory default state.

  •    Shift your Belkin range extender inside the range of your key Wi-Fi network.  

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